Lincoln Park Zoo

Chicago, IL
The Lincoln Park Zoo Master Plan guided the complete rehabilitation of the Zoo from entry sequence and public spaces to individual exhibits. The Zoo, which sees millions of visitors per year, has many competing demands that must all be provided within a small densely compact urban park setting. The plan addressed the physical environment that the visitor perceives, the back stage functions and the invisible levels of infrastructure that ensure the smooth functioning of the facility.
The team approached the project as if they were planning a unique small town and created identity for the Zoo with new entry sequences and path systems that lead to a central public space. Changes in terrain were used to create new iconic features such as the Zoo Steps and Rooftop Café. New exhibits were planned and the design included the Swan Pond Exhibit and award winning Swan Pond Bridge. The design also included Picnic Pavilions and the Wildfowl Lagoon Boardwalk including new plantings for the Boardwalk and Islands of the Wildfowl Lagoon.
The planning, design and construction of this public outdoor space included close collaboration with city and zoo staff as well as stakeholders and other consultants to gather input, analyze existing site conditions and present design concepts.