Warren Newport Public Library

Gurnee, IL
Altamanu Inc., worked to design an “instant landscape” for the addition to and renovation of the Warren Newport Public Library.  The landscape, functioning in tandem with the architecture of the library addition, serves to complement the rural vernacular, prairie environment and historic character of the region.
A newly transplanted 10” caliper Bur Oak is the prominent feature and focal point of the landscape. It stands above a ground layer of native grasses and forbs; and reflects the native Illinois oak savanna that once dominated the region.  The Side Oats Grama Grass massed underneath the oak, interspersed with Dense Blazing Star, add to the simple but effective savanna-like aesthetic.
A rain garden, adjacent to and visible from the front entry, collects and infiltrates stormwater from the expansion roof into a bed of decorative stones and then into an area of native plantings.
The nearby foundation plantings along the southeast side of the library provide year round interest and stand out in vivid contrast to the white colored siding of the building.