Logan Square Orchard

Chicago, IL
Altamanu was engaged by the Department of General Services to develop a site in historic Logan Square that has remained dormant since 1949. Altamanu worked in association with the Department of Zoning and Housing, Landmarks, Neighbors Space, the Chamber of Commerce, CROP, a variety of non-for-profit organizations, the community and the local alderman to develop a new and innovative design for an urban plaza and a community heritage orchard (rare fruiting trees) on a historic Logan Square site that has remained dormant since 1949. The plaza and orchard will be used to encourage the development of Urban Agriculture in this eco-friendly community.
The plan devotes the majority of the site to Urban Agriculture, with an orchard for rare and endangered fruit trees extending along Milwaukee Avenue. The northern part of the site will become a public plaza with historic and interpretive signage, an educational/art wall and planting exhibits. The plaza and the orchard reflect the burgeoning interest in green solutions amongst the residents of this growing community.