Oak Park Planters

Oak Park, IL
The Village of Oak Park Planter Program has been a successful venture for the various business districts as well as the adjacent community. This ongoing project adds beautiful color and texture that evolves through the seasons. As the Village continues to maintain positive relationships with organized commercial groups in various areas of the municipality, there was a need to develop a cohesive planting plan to be flexible and easily identifiable throughout the Village.
Altamanu, Inc. has been involved with this program continuously since 2005 and it now has grown to include 460 individual planters in 14 different planter sizes, styles and material arrangements. Our contemporary and sustainable design has evolved with the nursery community to reflect interesting and bold color combinations. A wide arrangement of bright annuals adjacent to a hardy mix of native and adaptive perennials provide a visual as well as a seasonal contrast as only portions of each design are changed out. Some plant material is carried through the winter in an effort to meet sustainability goals. This native plant material also helps achieve sustainable goals through the reduction in cost and maintenance. The planter design evolves through multiple installations as the seasons change through the calendar year.